The Good,The Bad And The Talentless

June 29, 2008

At the ripe old of age of 35, I am still looking for my God given talent. In my life, I seem to be surrounded by people who have been blessed with many different awe inspiring gifts, and I even gave birth to three of these people.

My oldest daughter Samantha , with only three months until she’s eighteen (which she tells me often) is gifted beyond belief, and is already someone I admire greatly. She has a plan to work with exceptional children in the future. She just got done Friday being a camp counselor for an Autistic camp here. She’s out to make a difference in the lives of children and has such great direction and drive to achieve at her age, which I find to be a very special talent and gift.

My middle child Sydney, is just as blessed in many ways, but her biggest talent comes in the form of being able to sing like an angel that just fell from heaven. Her voice is one that has brought mere strangers to tears listening to her up on stage belting it out. Believe me ,the pure passion and confidence it takes to do that ,leaves me so proud and blown away every time.

My son Spencer, didn’t miss out on the boat when it comes to having many talents either. The one that I think he likes to try and master the most is sports, any and every sport imaginable. Since he was eight he has had a membership to ESPN .com. He knows all the stats ,scores ,lingo ,and point spreads for every sport out there. Not only all of that, but seems to excel at all of them as well when he plays them himself. He is quite impressive, if I do say so myself.

Having given birth to children that are gifted in so many ways ,must mean that they got some of their talent through my DNA, right? So I started thinking last week of things I’m really good at. For days I was drawing a blank, until Friday morning my sister called me and said ” Get your butt in the car, you have to go to Orlando because they are holding auditions for the game show ” Don’t Forget The Lyrics” and you would do great on that show.” OK I thought ,I am GREAT at knowing lyrics to songs, I mean not just good but GREAT ,I just have an ear for lyrics I can hear a song once and sing it back verbatim, I can do this! There was some apprehension on my part considering my anxiety sometimes seems to have a mind of its own, but I wouldn’t let it control the day. No! I was going to go down and show them my “talent”.

I took the morning got all dressed up , filled out a eleven page application, (which asked you everything about yourself except your blood type) and left about four in the afternoon totally ready to be worshipped for my AMAZING talent. Got to Orlando, sign in ,got my picture taken with my number and was off to let the producers see my skills. I walked in the room all confident like I owned the place , held out my hand and introduced myself with a big smile. I was a witty conversationalist ,had the guy laughing (with me I assumed and not at me)and everything was going soooooo perfectly until he said to me ” OK I want you to sing me a song.” Well, I do love to sing and actually am quite the rock star in the shower and in the car,but anyone else that has heard me in concert has never asked for an encore, in fact I have been paid a couple of times to quit singing. Memories of past people that didn’t enjoy my voice didn’t stop me, I just opened my mouth and let it fly. All of a sudden, the guy’s smile simply faded into a face that could only be described as ,what one’s face would look like after they just smelled road kill. He tried to fake a smile a couple of times ,but he was worse at doing that than I was at singing.

I didn’t think the show had anything to do with vocal talent. I have watched it before and the contestants on the show, some have voices that would make a dog howl. It wasn’t an American Idol audition! I didn’t think my voice was that bad,but apparently it was and is. Because I didn’t get a call back. Friday night I was pretty bummed about that fact ,but today is a new day and finds me once again longing for a recognizable talent.Who knows, maybe one day I’ll wake up and failing at everything you try, will be something that everyone will strive for and well, when that day comes I’ll finally be seen as a prodigy.



  1. It’s always Awesome to Try!!

    I remember the last Idol + Christie Lee Cook got slammed by all 3 Judges incl. of course Simon* I thought she sounded fantastic on that Song + did an excellent rendition* Even some o these Dancing Stars are Amazing + they get Slammed by the Show’s Designated “Simon” Judge*

    Don’t take Any Crap off them! I think U are going to be a Huge Star!!

    ;)) Peace*

  2. Bravo for having the nerve to give it a go.

    I am one of a handful of people on the planet that don’t really like all these reality talent shows anyway, so my opinion may not matter much.

    I have been amazed by the talent I see at Ren Fairs around the country, though it is hardly a pathway to fame and fortune. Though the Flaming Idiots did end up on Broadway.

    Besides, isn’t blogging your God given gift to the world?

  3. Thank you BillyWarhol..you are to sweet!

    Descartes, I don’t really know if I want fame,but a little fortune wouldn’t be a bad thing.
    As the days pass since auditioning, my thoughts are changing a bit on what happened. I am coming away less bitter and seeing that even trying at something regardless of the outcome is a good thing.
    As for the gift of blogging,how do you know if you’ve been successful at it? I’m really not sure,it is something I enjoy doing but so is singing and look what that got me.LOL

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