Vying For Attention

June 25, 2008

Seeing as it’s Wordless Wednesday, I thought this week I would let y’all in on a little secret of what happens to me when it rains for days and I have been neglected of human contact for even longer. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m part creative and part retarded and has most likely been privy to displays of this behavior before, which in turn is most likely the reason I have been left lonely in the first place.

So my creative side came up with the idea to do a video to express the distress I feel over the lack of interaction, but unfortunately the retarded side of me is what you’ll notice in the video. That and the fact that I should probably give up video making and stick to writing.



  1. That looked pretty good to me …… which part is retarded exactly? – tee hee

  2. I believe it’s quite noticeable in the beginning, somewhat in the middle and basically takes over in the end!

  3. My gods woman… you are so pretty and so energetic… how does your husband ever leave the house?!?!?

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