Taming The Beast Within….Or Just Creating A New Monster???

June 22, 2008

I wonder if there will ever come a day that our society will take drug addiction seriously? I read an article this morning on opiates being considered for a treatment method for people with Anxiety Disorders. Being a person afflicted with Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, I always find myself looking for a way to help me feel “normal” again,but at what cost?

Living with a Anxiety Disorder SUCKS. It is a disorder that can take over your whole life and affect every part of your being, mind ,body, and soul. There are mornings I wake up with my whole body shaking uncontrollable, my heart palpitating like it’s going to come out of my chest, my breathing feels as if I’m trying to breathe with a plastic bag over my head,my palms will be sweating profusely , and I start to feel like at any moment I’m just going to pass out .All these symptoms normally happen before I even have a chance to take a pee. Believe me it bites a big one and makes me long for something that will make it all go away.

I don’t believe that drugs are the answer though.I’ve tried that route. I have been through therapy for my disorder. I went to a psychiatrist that seemed to me ,to be more like a mad scientist than a healer of any sort. I was put on one anti depressant after another, only to find that one was no better than the next. They all had really horrible side effects. Whether it was living like a zombie with no emotions what so ever ,to having fits of sobbing every ten minutes without cause, and my personal favorite, the one that made me think jumping off a four story building sounded like the perfect idea on a family vacation. The thoughts of those memories still bring tears to my eyes. These drugs didn’t bring me back to feeling normal nor anything close to feeling like the person I was before this malady took that person and made her a memory of my distant past.

Even though, I have never ingested opiates myself, the affects of opiate addiction has colored my life since I was a small child. I’ve had people that I love deeply and unconditionally violently taken under by them ,only to be spit out a totally different creature than they were before they were given these tiny little pills. They all didn’t start taking these pills for kicks. In fact most were given them by trained medical professionals under the guise that the pills would “help” against what ailed them,but were failed to be told that the cravings and physical desire for the pills would remain long after the physical wounds had healed. I’ve seen people trying to stop taking opiates writhe in pain,with a look of hopelessness in their faces so deep because they felt there was no end to their sickness in sight and were left feeling that their only friend for sanity was the medicine that got them to this point in the first place.

Drug addiction is not a pretty thing. I feel the article I read this morning was very irresponsible in reporting that opiates in any way would ever be considered as treatment for people with anxiety. It is a known fact that people with anxiety disorders are six times more likely to become addicted ,the article even stated that fact! So who’s behind someone who puts an article like this one out there? My feelings on that are, it must be big drug companies behind such journalism, that are making money hand over fist from what the products they’re peddling cause,and must have no regard for the lives their drugs are destroying in their wake.

Whatever the case may be, the whole thing just leaves me angry and quite sadden by the idea of how it seems that money is deemed more important than a human life . I don’t see any valid solution in the article for the problem.They stated, that once one stopped taking the opiates that the anxiety would return. I basically see it as trading one problem for another. What scares me though, is someone reading that article that hasn’t had opiate addiction touch their lives personally , will be more than willing to take that risk, just to end up another statistic for addiction or even worse dead.



  1. Well said

  2. I, to, have a big disapproval of head-meds. Have “he that is your life partner” rub your head every night until you fall asleep. Dreams should be sweet, and mornings a tad bit better.

  3. oh boy thass a tuff one* various peeps have told me they aren’t Creative if they’re on Meds but things can go Wacky if they’re not – Yes it Sucks*

  4. The med journey is never a fun trip but unfortunately for a good portion of the mental illness community going without is really not an option at times so you just search for that drug that helps the most and does the least amount of damage at the same time. I have been on meds that sent me running to the psch wards but at the same time I have been on meds that have kept me off of the psych ward. I don’t know what the answer is and there is too much experimentation when it comes to mental meds (in finding the right one). It is definitely a two sided sword.

  5. Interesting – when my kids were young (a hundred yeards ago) they gave paragoric for the colic. I wonder if they still do. Basically it is opium in liquid form.

  6. Thank you DP and thank you too Enabler,your idea sounds like it could help.

    It does suck and is a double edged sword I agree,BillyWarhol and Untreatable. It’s soooo frustrating!!

    Barry that is incredible that they would give opium in any form to an infant.How long ago was that? I hope they don’t anymore.

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