For All The Father’s Day Haters Out There……..THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!!!

June 14, 2008

Thoughts of Father’s Day have taken over the world lately and you can’t escape it ,because believe me I’ve tried. Every type of media out there is littered with it. Whether it’s on the radio where for the best Dad story, one can win some sort of power tool for Dad on his special day. Turn on the TV and there are ads galore filled with wonderful gift giving ideas for the man that brought you to life. Even in The Blogosphere ,there are tons of blogs just peppered with sweet stories of dear old Dad. Which is great ,but what about the people that don’t have GREAT Dads?

What about us, the people that even if they combed through their entire memory couldn’t come up with one sweet story of their Dad and really shouldn’t be left alone in the same room with their father and a power tool. What about us ??? Even the writers at Hallmark are no help in our predicament. So I’ve taken it upon myself to come up with some card ideas for us out there that would like to participate in this holiday but be honest at the same time. For those of you out there that feel like I do about your own “personal sperm donor”, I hope these make you feel better. For those of you that don’t have any idea how it feels to have a shitty Dad ,consider yourself lucky.

Here they go…….

They say being a parent
is the hardest job in the
world………..Way to be a quitter Dad!

Dad it’s a shame………………………….that Uncle Feely Hands paid more attention to me than you did!!

On this Father’s Day
I wanted you to know……I wish I was an orphan!

Dad Thanks for always……… Thinking of yourself!!

Father’s Day always reminds me……..of my shitty childhood! Thanks Again!!

Daddy remember when I was a little girl…………..of course you don’t you weren’t around!

On this Father’s Day , I would like to share with you……………………the cost of my shrink bills!!!

They say being a parent is the hardest job in the world………………….but I disagree, being your child is!!



  1. Well, I’d say that hits the nail on the head for lots of folks out there. How very pathetic and true at the same time! What would be nice if the news were to cover your blog… you never know, some bad dads may just snap out of it. I’m a divorced dad and I changed my entire life around them just to be closer to them. Shame there are some who just don’t care.

    Love the background image here.

  2. Well, I’ll try and be a good virtual dad …….. so, how’s your day been?

    [thank you for your lovely comment on the ‘sterilising gusset’ post – tee hee]

  3. Thank you Daddy Papersurfer! That’s very sweet of you! My day is going fine!

  4. It is very unfortunate Mirage Chopper….glad to see you wanna be a good Dad…it’s very important and the pay off believe me will be HUGE. Thanks for the comment!

  5. I can honestly relate.

    “Dad Thanks for always……… Thinking of yourself!!”

    LOL, so true. I think I should be sending this to my dad about now…

  6. I have no father to speak of either. And even if Hallmark could make a card for crap-dad I wouldn’t waste money on it.

    But maybe that’s what fuels my blog?
    I’ll check with my therapist. 😉

  7. I’ve got a couple twisted ones to add hee hee!

    for the molested –
    “On this Father’s Day
    I wanted you to know……Thanks for sodomizing me!”

    for those with an Oedipus complex –
    Mom was good in bed and I want to kill you
    Happy Father’s Day!”

    for those who dealt with an alcoholic –
    Please stop throwing up in my laundry basket,
    Happy Father’s Day!”

    for those who lived with a serial killer dad –
    I will no longer help you pick up strangers and put them in the trunk of your car

  8. Static….thanks for the help with keeping me on my twisted path!

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