My Gene Pool Is No Longer In Need Of Chlorine!!!

June 9, 2008

I had an excellent weekend. My whole family went to St.Augustine for my brother’s wedding and I’m really quite surprised how well things went. Normally when my family gets together for any extended amount of time someone is liable to lose a limb and not by accident either. We all grew up in Dysfunction Junction, and have been known to be sticklers for tradition. This weekend was different and it leaves me smiling.

I come from a pretty good size family.I have three sisters and one brother. I’m the second born,which makes me a middle child. Yeah ,yeah ,yeah….I’ve heard all the negative stuff they say about middle children before and well…… it’s true,but I believe that us”middle children” are the ones that put the “color” into the family.Without us, the first borns and babies wouldn’t seem to shine so brightly, but I digress.

My family is changing, for the better. The majority of us have our own families now. I must say, it is much easier to spend time with my siblings now ,that they have the cutest and sweetest children. It’s amazing I loved all of their children instantly, when it took me years to even LIKE half of them.

Maybe now,we all have things that are a little more important ,than trying to find the center of the attention in a really big circle.Whatever the reason, it really doesn’t matter. What does matter ,is that I had a really good time ,witnessed a beautiful joining of souls and left there with good feelings about my family and all my limbs.

Me and my baby brother!



  1. It is very nice to see all those happy smiley faces ….. very glad you had a lovely time. Sometimes family events can be a nightmare – tee hee!!!

  2. I have a wedding coming up soon. My family gets a long pretty well but I think that’s because my grandmother on my dad’s side had 13 brothers and sisters. You factor in 3 generations of reproduction and that turns out to be a massive massive family. I think there’s strength in numbers. That strength is derived from the ability to pick and choose who you interact with given the huge array of conversation options. If you don’t like so and so…blend into the crowd and find someone else to small talk with.

    Oh and I’m the oldest in the family by far.

    In other words…we are now enemies.

  3. I owe you an apology – I always go into your site thru bloglog, etc or directly – I tried the link from my blog and it didn’t work. Too many https 🙂 It’s now fixed. Sorry!

    My blog is getting here from there
    By the way thanks for the sweet words of encouragement

    Happy Blogging

  4. c0ol Wedding on da Beach*

    thass gotta Relax things right there*

    As long as u weren’t giving the Bride too much competition!!


  5. Nice picture. You’re really pretty. 🙂

  6. Thank you sorin grumazescu!

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