Homeopathic HELL!!!!!!!!!

June 4, 2008

I have been having severe problems with my sinuses lately. Being a freak about taking any type of pharmaceutical measures to correct what ails me, I decided to try a more homeopathic approach to the problem. I got online and looked up natural cures for sinus problems. What I found, didn’t seem in any sense of the word “natural”, but I decided to remain optimistic and read on.

Let me tell you, whoever they hired to market their product did an awesome job. Within thirty minutes, I was in my car and up to the drug store, to purchase myself a “Neti Pot”. For those of you whom have never used this lovely little device, let me explain how the wonderful but yet sadistic masters of creative marketing deception, described it .One article I read stated, though the device might look scary, using this product should be a pleasurable experience. No discomfort at all .Cleans your sinuses out beautifully in three painless minutes and with no side effects. They went on to say,how a lot of people use this tool as a part of their daily hygiene maintenance and compared it to brushing your teeth. Sounds simple, easy, and down right amazing doesn’t it?

BUT, if you take away the false advertising, this is what you really have. In the box that has a purchase price of $15.95. You’ll find packets of everyday table salt and a contraption that in every way resembles a watering can like the one you would use to water your plants, the only difference is that this watering can is meant to be shoved up your nostrils, and it is not meant to just sit there either. Nope, you fill the can up, with a half cup mixture of water and the given salt, and pour it into the nostril of your choice, til the mixture comes out of the other nostril. Now ,I don’t know about you but ,I have never experienced pleasure having something up my nose, in fact as a small child, I got in trouble for even my own finger being up there. As for having something come out of my nose, I have horrible memory of a really BAD experience with some mustard that decided to exit my body through my nostrils(believe me,it wasn’t fun).

As you can tell I was a little skeptical at first but ,the vision of the happy, free breathing people in the advertisement kept popping into my head, so I went for it. About two minutes into my act of self-torture I realized that the advertisers were full of shit. This wasn’t in any way pleasant, in fact I felt like I was going to drown. I freaked out a little and coughed ,which made a little less than a half a cup of salt water eject itself out of every orifice in my face.Needless to say I’m not a big fan of the neti pot of torture and I started taking sinus pills.Because taking a pill takes a second ,not three minutes and besides I figure that if the pill kills me ,at least it would be a nicer way to go than death by intentional drowning.


  1. They do advertise pretty well. I want one and I don’t even have sinus problems.

  2. Did you do the elephant trick with a mouth full of mustard? Blimey [stop laughing!!, it must have been most unpleasant – tee hee – STOP IT!]

    You’ll have to buy some eeny weeny plants now so you can use it as a watering can …..

  3. Have terrible allergies myself. Also have a neti pot, but back in the 90s when I purchased it, it was called a nasal douche. I kid you not – that is actually what it says on the package’s label.

    I too tried to go the holistic route and bought a natural pill called Allergy MD – Don’t bother with this either, it doesn’t work. I have to say that the trusty Benedryl still works wonders, but make sure you have enough time to take a nap if you take.

    Good Luck staying clogged free. , , .

  4. HAAAhahaha … i have chronic issues with ‘sinal-spooge’ … and ditto, have many peeps always promoting that self-torturing-snot-pot device …so, i decided, fo’free, to juz snort-up at the Beach, at least it’s mo’ fun and some sun …. i dunno how anyone can use that self-inflicted0drowning device.
    ..and yah, btw, yah crakkkk-me up good tooz !! mas buena!

  5. “One article I read stated, though the device might look scary, using this product should be a pleasurable experience.”….That would sound more interesting if it was an advertisement for a sex toy or something but NOT a sinus nasal device. Lol. 🙂

    I have lived in Florida all my life except when I moved to Oklahoma for a few years. I am thankful and very fortunate that I have never suffered from sinus problems.

  6. A more realistic advertising line would be, “It’s like and enema for your nose” but I don’t think that would sell very well.
    Made for a a very funny story though.

  7. Put a little salt in you left hand cup your hand run some water into you hand from the bathroom sink and put your nose in your hands and inhale deeply and spit out the waste…nasty but works!

    Another way to save a buck, not for ladies though, is to put clorox in a bucket mixed with water and put your feet in it for about 5 minutes and it will kill athletes feet….this holistic method is free… 🙂

    I would tell you how to get rid of jock itch, but, its a little too male oriented for your page!

  8. I was first introduced to the neti pot when my Grandmother had one displayed with her teapots. Her daughter in law pointed out that it was not a tea pot but in fact a medical device. Lets just say my Grandmother wasn’t too happy about this information.

    Enjoyed reading your blog, love the background pics


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