Making Friends With The Natives

May 13, 2008

Ok, so I was reading about how to make your blog more successful. One helpful hint was, to go explore other blogs and leave comments on blogs you find that you enjoy. Then maybe the blog you visited will return the favor, visit your blog and increase traffic to your blog. Easy enough, or so I thought.

I decided to browse today on Blogger.Com. I thought why not explore on the site that holds your own blog. I went to my blog and hit the “next blog” button at the top of the page. The first couple blogs that came up were written in foreign languages. I didn’t allow myself to get discouraged, nope I just kept clicking. Hoping somewhere along the way I would find a blog that was written by someone with similar interests. Click ,click ,click ,then BAM! The only way I can describe the feeling I felt is, PURE SHOCK.

There on the page was a little Asian man, but not the little Asian man that comes to your mind. Nope, the only thing that’s probably similar to your image is the smile. His was huge; I must say his smile was the only thing in the picture that was huge. I can say that with confidence, considering the man was wearing nothing but that smile and fishnet underwear. Lying back in his picture, in his profile section; which was written in a bunch of symbols, so I had no chance of getting to know what possessed him to display himself that way. I know enough about Asian cultures, to know that the way he was dressed was, in no way celebrating his heritage.

I was trying to remain optimistic and not judge a blog by its profile picture. I thought, wow that took some balls to photograph yourself that way. I feel men in general, have problems taking provocative pictures, no matter how well endowed they are. All the pictures tend to turn out looking a tad bit more silly than they do sexy. I can make that statement not only from my own experience but because as I continued to scroll down the rest of the page, him and all his “friends”(some opting against the whole fishnet underwear thing and deciding to let it all hang out) validated my point.

WOW! I guess I’m just naive. I didn’t think I would find porn, especially Asian homosexual porn on Blogger. It’s an open forum though, I mean if you can post how-to guides, family pictures, recipes, poetry, and your thoughts. Why not little Asian men doing things that made me get closer to the computer screen, to make sure I was seeing things right.

So, I’m left friendless and a little dismayed, that maybe I don’t have what it takes to make this blog a success. I mean I don’t really have a massive amount of knowledge on one certain thing. I know a little about alot of stuff, but nothing about one specific thing. I don’t do recipes. I gave up poetry a while ago. Which leave me with nothing but my thoughts and a very disturbing mental picture in my head tonight; which is littered with images of naked Asian people and one question that dances among them. How the hell could his blog have more traffic than mine?



  1. Lovely Description*

    Amazing How Many Blogs are on Blogger + the Range of Topics*

    ;)) Peace*

  2. LOL I love reading peoples archives and stumbling on stuff like this. Apparently, your interests point to Mr. naked Asian lady boy…I’m sure you’re not the only one. =)

  3. I wouldn’t call it interesting,Static.It fell more along the lines of disturbing…and I don’t get disturbed easily!!

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