It’s Been a MOTHER of a Day!!!

May 12, 2008

Let me start off with how Mother’s Day was supposed to be today. It was supposed to be, a day where we all were going to wake up early and head to the beach. Spend a nice quiet relaxing day ,soaking up the rays ,swimming in the soul repairing ocean,and building dream home castles in the sand. Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Now to explain how the day actually unfolded. I wake up in the morning,to the lovely sound of water. For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating about the ocean. Nope ,it was my toilet, gushing water all the way out into the hallway ,enough to warp my wood floors. Lovely way to start the day ,huh. Cleaned up all the thankfully “clean” water and head out to the hardware store. Invested in a snake to snake the pipes. Which is just disgusting. Finally finished in the late afternoon. Decided, hey the day’s not over,let’s go to dinner to celebrate!!!! I was sooooo excited, until I went outside and saw my well pump in the backyard spewing water out of it,like it was doing it best impression of “Old Faithful“. Let me tell you, life doesn’t get much better.


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