The BEST Idea EVER, Reconsidered

May 9, 2008

Have you ever had an idea that at the time seemed like the BEST idea ever? Well I thought I had one of those “ideas” yesterday. About mid afternoon, I found myself thinking about chocolate cake shots. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of having one of these shots knows that they are absolutely amazing. When shot right, they taste exactly like a huge piece of chocolate cake.

I’m a huge chocoholic and chocolate in all different varieties does cross my mind several times daily. Yesterday the thought seemed to linger on the alcoholic variety. I was really surprised the thought stayed with me. It has been three years since the last time I drank any type of alcohol. Not because I had a problem with it or anything like that. It’s just now, I normally talk myself out of any substance that could alter my body in any way. Its sounds strange I know but, I’m a freak with stuff like that. I’m always afraid that, I’ll ingest something, have some sort of weird allergic reaction and be dead in a couple of hours. To give you an example, I went to the natural food store last weekend. Because I read somewhere that Passion Flower Extract was a good natural anxiety reliever. I went and bought a huge bottle .I was so excited that I found something natural that could help my anxiety. I got it home and found myself to scared to take it. I did finally after four days decide to try just one tablet. I told everyone in my house that I had taken one. Made sure to show them the bottle. Just in case I ended up somewhere unconscious, they would be able to give the bottle to the doctor and hopefully save my life. I’m a freak, I know but hey that’s me.

For some reason the thought of shots had no anxiety attached to it. The day went on and the thought stayed. Chocolate cake shots, chocolate cake shots, YUM, YUM, YUM! I went through with it. Invited some friends over and we did some chocolate cake shots. Three to be exact. They were as delicious, as I remembered. I didn’t get trashed, in fact I felt nothing but wonderfully calm. I thought to myself, I can see why people become alcoholics…..this is a freakin miracle! That was until this morning. UGH! I have the headache from hell that has decided to linger all day, much like the idea of the shots the day before. Not to mention, how my stomach feels an overwhelming urge today to spend lots of quality time with the toilet, and my ass isn’t to happy about the bonding.

Today has been the day from hell. It’s funny how the BEST idea EVER changed in less than twenty four hours from awesome to insane.Needless to say ,it might be quite awhile before I let the thought of shots ,go from a good memory to a not so sweet reality.


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