A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me!!!!!!!!!

April 27, 2008

OK so it’s about 1642 days off, but I’ve decided to start planning my 40Th birthday party. I know plenty of people who cringe at the idea about growing older, especially milestones birthdays, like 30Th, 40Th, 50Th etc. My thought on aging is this; it’s better than the alternative so why not celebrate!

I remember my 30Th birthday party with a smile. I went out and bought the greatest hot pink latex, stripper dress, with six inches heels to match, for the occasion. Needless to say my ensemble shocked the grandparents a little, but I think it made the perfect statement of “Yep, I’m thirty and still have it going on, so bite me if you don’t like it!” I had an amazing time at the party. I got to dance, sing, and reminisce with people I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was a much better way to celebrate, than sitting home sulking over something that was inevitable, with nothing but a tub of ice cream.

The memory of my 30TH birthday party, got me thinking of my up and coming 40TH birthday. I will admit the thought of being forty is absurd to me, just pure nonsense. Which gave way to the thought, why not have a “Alice In Wonderland” themed 40TH birthday party?

Out of all the Disney characters, Alice is the character I have always identified the most with. She got in trouble for her daydreaming and curiosity, which I believe I have been faulted for in the past myself. She spent most of her time in the movie among mad people that didn’t listen to or understand her, anyone that knows me, knows that statement itself screams me. Not to mention, she’s blonde haired and blue eyed and still not one of the Disney “princesses”. THAT is story of my life, so why not the party of my life too?

The party will have to be a costume party of course; no one will be admitted without being dressed as one of the characters from the story. There is one exception though, there can only be one Alice, which of course will be my alter ego for the evening.

Tons of ideas have filled my head, to make this party the perfect wonderland. I want to create a hedge-like maze at the entrance, for people to walk through just like in the movie, but also to add to the anticipation. The maze will hopefully lead into a lovely courtyard that will be set up for a marvelous game of croquet, if one should want to partake. If not, they can go through to a beautiful flower filled garden with a sitting area in the center that will consist of nothing but colorful pillows and hookahs, so one can get in touch with their inner caterpillar. If that isn’t your cup of tea…..TEA! Ah yes, time for tea! Inside a huge ballroom there will be set up a monstrous size table with mismatched chairs of all shapes and sizes(I hope people don’t put to much thought into the chair they chose ,because when it’s time for a clean cup they will be moving down).The table itself will be filled with brightly colored teapots, mounds of cookies that will say “EAT ME”, little liquor bottles that will have their labels ripped off and replaced with pretty “DRINK ME” labels and cupcakes of all different hues. Off to the side of the table, I want a black and white checker boarded dance floor. Of course there isn’t a dance floor in the movie or mentioned in the book, but what is a party without a dance floor, I ask you?

I just envision an awesome night of laughter and nonsense. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the absurd than to celebrate absurdly. Now, I know some of you must think, WOW who does she think she is, one of those little ,spoiled, snotty children off of MTV’s “Sweet Sixteen” show. I can assure you I’m far from spoiled, snotty or made of money. That is why I’ve started planning over four years in advance. That and the fact I believe everyone needs something to look forward to and be excited about. Even if the excitement lies almost a half decade away.


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