A Walk Down Forgotten Memory Lane

April 21, 2008

I watched the movie “Juno” the other night. I really enjoyed the movie, even if tears streamed down my face the whole entire time. “Juno” hit somewhat close to home, I became a mother myself at seventeen. I thought, I discarded the memories of how difficult being a pregnant teen actually was. I haven’t thought of it much in the last eighteen years. Looking back it’s strange, but it’s almost as if, I view the girl I was back then as someone, other than myself. A stranger, to who I am today.

The greatest thing, about seeing myself as a stranger in my past, is I find that I’m much more empathetic, to the struggles I endured. I can look back and see WOW! I was quite strong and courageous. I recall losing all my friends rather quickly, like my pregnancy was some sort of weird form of leprosy. I can remember feeling lonely and scared. Hating to go out much, considering the nasty or pitiful looks I would get from strangers and some family members. I persevered though; I graduated high school and gave birth after twenty-five hours of pure hell to the perfect gift, that gave me permanent amnesia to the hardship that preceded her.

I’m certainly not advocating teen pregnancy, by no means. I have a seventeen year old daughter myself now. Thankfully, she isn’t traveling the same path I did. She has grown into a beautiful, confident, extremely brilliant and determined young woman with big dreams. She has soared through school with a perfect GPA and has amazing universities vying for her enrollment. I would like to think good parenting had something to do with that.

Looking at my daughter now and back at myself as a teenager, the contrasts are plenty, for which I am grateful. I don’t regret my past and what all has lead me to the point I am in my life right now. I have done a stellar job of being a mother. I have three awesome children to prove that point. I just think like any other parent, I want more for my children and for them not to share the same struggles I endured.

No matter what the future brings though, I know one thing for certain. Whatever path my children decide to travel, whether it’s the up- hill, treacherous climb, or the smooth, well-groomed path. I’ll be there, behind them loving and supporting their efforts the entire way.


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