Something To Crow About

March 26, 2008

Yesterday was a GREAT day! Even with the stomach flu reeking havoc throughout my household,my OCD kicking in overdrive,and having to be the Bleach-a-nator against the germs  to the point asphyxiation. None of these could deter my euphoria. Because yesterday was the day,” The Counting Crows” released their highly anticipated new album, “Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings”!!!!

Anyone who knows me knows about my undying love for The Counting Crows. I love music as a whole like I have mentioned before, anything from hard rock to hip hop, I love it all. The love I have for The Counting Crows though, I will admit borders on obsession. I own every album they have ever released, visit their website about as often as I check my email and listen to their older albums still about once a week. A little fanatical considering the last album they released was in 2002, but WHATEVER.

I have endured much ridicule for my passion for them over the years from friends and family. My children will roll their eyes and make comments like “NO please not again”. Still, I catch them singing along. Even my oldest daughter, who is seventeen, had “Colorblind” as her MySpace song, for about a month,kept that fact from me, until one of her friends ratted her out. I looked at her with a huge smile. Only to have her explain the fact, that not everyone is horrible all the time. Everyone gets lucky every now and then, and The Crows got “lucky” the time they made “Colorblind”. My friends still think of them as, the band that sang that song “Mr. Jones” right? At that point, I go burn my copy of “August and Everything After”. I tell them listen to the whole thing and then tell me if “Mr. Jones” is the song that sticks in your mind. To this day, I am proud to announce that I have converted some, even if they agree only in a whisper.

I will always stick by my convictions on this. From the first time I heard the “August and Everything After” album. I don’t think I had ever been so moved by someone lyrically. Adam Duritz, the lead singer’s, words were so deep and real, I could see them. The way he described how he felt, left me with hope for the male persuasion overall. That album wasn’t a fluke either. Every album after was a little different, but still as amazing as the first. These albums have been there for me like a good friend over the years. Whenever I felt down, lonely or like nobody could understand how I felt. I could listen and hold out hope that maybe the feelings I had were universal. Or at least in common with a song writer that could express them better than I was doing. He is one of the reasons I started writing again.Adam Duritz blog on their website is addicting, just an awesome writer, song or otherwise. He came out in the press on the release of this album and talked about his problems with his mental health. Maybe that’s a huge part of the reason I connect so deeply to the music.

Whatever the reason, the one thing that I know for sure is yesterday was literally filled with shit, vomit (not even of my own making) and noxious fumes (that I did create). All of it didn’t damper my mood. I had looked forward to this album’s release for almost a year. The excitement I got from it, was just like one would feel when seeing an old friend again. Getting to sit down, listen to them, catch up, see how they’ve been, and walk away knowing the world’s a better place because they are in it.

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  1. As much as I prefer not to “comment in the past,” I’m still playing catch-up with your earlier posts. I saw the ‘crows two years ago when they toured with the Goo Goo Dolls and a band called The Working Title. Adam’s aging, but not nearly as bad as his contemporaries. It was a fine show indeed.

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