Play it again, Samm!

March 20, 2008

WOW! The power of music amazes me. I believe it is the best medicine you can get with or without a prescription. I was feeling soooo down the last couple of days (as you can tell if you read my previous blog). I was just going to let myself sink. Until my daughter Samm, came home singing this song that she heard playing in the grocery store. Instantly I recognized it, the year was 1978 the artist England Dan and John Ford Coley and the song…..well that would be “Love to See You Tonight” In 1978, I was only six years old. It didn’t matter, one line and I was transformed back to being a little kid again. She came in singing the chorus and I finished singing the rest of the song with perfect 70’s dance moves to compliment the whole thing!

It was nice to feel six again. I got on the internet right away. Typing out the address for YOUTUBE as quick as my fingers would go. Little did I know, how this one site would open up the gateway of great 70’s easy listening music bliss, I would obtain. Everything from Paul Davis and his wonderful hits “I Go Crazy” and “Cool Night” to everything Ambrosia. I mean come on, who doesn’t love “The Biggest Part of Me”, “How Much I Feel”, or “You’re the Only Woman”. I answer; I don’t give a shit who doesn’t! These songs took me back to a time and place in my life that was magical. I remember how six felt. If you want to remember, go spend some time with any random first grader. Notice how they see the world and try with all you have to get back to their level. Where the world is filled with wonderment,even the simple and the small hold more joy than you can handle.

Music as a whole, not just 70’s easy listening has filled my life always. My tastes cover all genres. I have such respect for people who can create something so mind altering that doesn’t require one to seek out treatment after large doses. That can touch you so deeply that you don’t even know it has, until one day when you aren’t quite feeling yourself , you hear one bar and BAM instantly you are taken to a better place and time. Not that I will hide in the 70’s in my mind forever. Because everyone that you see from back then, seems to resemble the Geico caveman. Not that it’s a bad thing, but I have a huge aversion to large amounts of hair. So, I will stay here in 2008 ,being a thirty five year old with great music taste from all decades. When life gets me down, maybe I just need to listen a little closer for the music. It can be found anywhere, in the car, on the computer, drifting through the loud speakers at the grocery store or out of the mouth of a child. Anywhere, and has the power to take you anywhere. Pretty amazing, huh!


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