WOW!!! A Virgin Experience!!

February 28, 2008

I can’t believe how excited I am , about starting this blog! This excitement without a doubt stems from the fact that after 35 years of life ,one doesn’t come across virgin experiences often. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a positive one and not like some of the other virgin experiences that come to mind. Some of them that at the time felt, sounded and seems like amazing ideas ,only to end up being another thing on the list of reasons ,to seek out psychiatric help.

On a positive note , at least with this experience it doesn’t matter what kind of panties I’m wearing or whether I shaved in the past week. No , I can sit back, type to my heart’s content and let my thoughts fill something other than my head for a while.

Besides, I would rather risk getting carpal tunnel syndrome than an STD any day.


One comment

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. If you do end up needing any psychiatric help you can use my own web therapist Doctor Harold Toboggans.

    He is pompous, arrogant, and has really bad breath, but on the positive side…

    Actually, I don’t think he has a positive side. Never mind, you’re probably better off on your own.

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